Shocked!! Louis Vuitton Art Exhibition Places Buddha Head on the Floor
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Knowing Buddha Organization (KBO) invites you to speak out to protect the Buddha and Buddhism and awaken the morality of mankind.

Reported last Friday (JUN 3) – Louis Vuitton Foundation, operated by the big fashion house Louis Vuitton, showcases a collection of art exhibitions by eleven Chinese artists. In one installation by chinese artist/sculptor Zhang Huan depicts a gigantic eroded inclined carved Buddha head placed on the exhibition floor without any platform, at ground level with visitors freely passing by. Presenting such installation shows great lack of respect and consideration.   READ MORE


Please help for immediate stop Buddha NOT for tattoo.

Please help for immediate stop Buddha NOT for tattoo.

Tattoo Chief is a website that allows people to show their tattoos on the website. However, we found out many Buddhist symbols tattoos on it, especially the pictures of Buddha tattoo on the lower part of bodies including calf and foot.

“Please don’t ask if they know what they have done is wrong but ask whether they would do the same to the symbols of other religions”.

This is the speech of the president of Knowing Buddha Organization given in English to tourists before the start of “Dhamma Gratitude” campaign on Khao San Road, 20 February 2016.

FORBID the public launch of the movie “Ar Bat”

According to that the producer of the movie “Ar Bat” is attempting to continue the public launch of the movie per original theater cut WITHOUT any adjustment of the movie manuscript base on the reason that the movie is aiming to reflect the truth, to sustain the Buddhism, and to get away with immoral monks;

Knowing Buddha Organization for protecting Buddhism strongly disagrees that for the following reasons:-

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